A Jedi’s Views on Equality

Written by Kevin Trout and Katherine Mock

Discrimination never really made sense to me. It just does not make sense to base an opinion about a person because of some individual difference. Color of skin, religious belief, gender, country of birth, sexual preference. I mean where does it stop? Oh, you use an Apple instead of a PC? I hate you then and feel your kind should be wiped from the face of the earth. And while we joke about our iPhone vs. Galaxy wars, we are all just playing Trivia Crack in the end.

Seriously, we are all different in one way or another. No one will ever have your DNA. Each of us are unique. It is the beauty of humanity. To turn such a beautiful thing into a source for hate and fear is unacceptable. We should be embracing our diversity and celebrating our commonalities. High five my fellow living creature. Keep on rocking life. All else is secondary. Color, Creed, Gender, does not give any information in which to judge a person. Judge a person on their individual merit. Or be one of those really enlightened people and don’t judge at all. I am a bit judgmental, but I fully believe in allowing people to express themselves freely and openly. Give them the chance to show you who they are and base your opinion off of that.

In the fictional Jedi Order you are shown skilled, powerful, and wise Jedi of all sorts. The fictional Jedi were a literal rainbow of colors, had a variety of abilities and disabilities, many genders, species, and a plethora of cultural beliefs and traditions. A Jedi was judged solely on their desire and ability to be a Jedi. Hutts have a bad reputation as a Race in Star Wars, but there were Hutt Jedi. The Jedi did not judge or deny them because of their race, but encouraged them to pursue the Jedi Way because they had the spirit and drive to do so. Even when the fiction we draw inspiration from falls short in terms of diversity, we as real-life Jedi, must not.

For real Jedi there is a core belief that is taught across all Jedi websites and academies. The Skywalker Code states this as: Jedi Respect All Life, in any form. The Jedi Rules of Behavior state this as: Honor Life. Life is important to the Jedi Way, maybe even sacred (if you use that concept in your system of belief). We do not accept or deny a person on any other quality except their desire to become a Jedi and willingness to follow it through. Anyone can be a Jedi Knight. The question is simply one of merit, of intent, of action. Are you or are you not living the Jedi Way?

As a Jedi, we have no room for racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, transphobia, or any sort of prejudicial belief or behavior. All lives matter. People are people where ever you go. Some are the most amazing people you will ever meet. And some seem to be there for nothing else but to remind you what not do, what not to become. None of that is dependent on some external or biological difference. Believe in the goodness of all people, allow them the chance to show you how awesome they can be. It does not matter who they sleep with or who they pray to. If you want to be a Jedi you’ll have to put aside such prejudice and simply focus on the merit of the individual.

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