American Jedi

AMERICAN JEDI, the documentary chronicles real life Jedi who follow the Jedi path based on the Star Wars mythology. The film delves into the world of telekinesis, Jediism and the journey of Jedi testing for Jedi Knighthood.  Coming November 2017.

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Starring: Opie Macleod, Gabriel Calderon, Perris Cartwright, Kitsu Tails, Michael Hannigan, Michael Grubb & Michael Monk. Also featuring: Ross Greenberg, Boom Darklighter, Katie Mock, Miles, Charles McBride, Mindas Ar’ran, Daniel Atlas, Ilse Liset, Jeremy Cowan, Alex Bird, Andy Spalding, Vishwa Jay, Karen Schwob-Ticknor, Crystal Neumann, Dan McCann, Gavin McCartney, Rosalyn Johnson, Talon Trevor MacDonald, Audrey Escalante, and many more to come…

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