Improving your Jedi Mindset

Written by Kevin Trout, originally published on 365Jedi.

Just Breathe. Yeah yeah, I know, you are already breathing. But seriously, take a moment for yourself. Make a little quiet time. Even if for just a minute or five. Go into the bathroom, lock the door, turn off the lights, and simply take the moment to breathe. Consider it rebooting your system. Power down, fire back up, and leave ready to continue on. The whole take a moment and just breathe will probably be on very single Jedi musing I write. It is simply that vital and good for you.

Prioritize. Create a loose schedule. Make a To-Do list. Basically give yourself some guidelines on the things you need to get done. Create a couple. One for the day and another for the week. Just organize your thoughts and priorities. This will help you focus your attention more acutely. Now I say loose guideline because things happen. You cannot plan for everything, so you certainly cannot schedule for everything. As new things pop up, readjust the schedule/list as needed.

Hold onto Nothing. Learn to let go and step away when you need to. Attachment to outcomes, desires, and stress is not going to help. It is not all sunshine and rainbows, but guess what? That is okay. Accept and embrace the varied experiences of life with open arms and an open mind. Allow the world to play out as it will while you adjust as you need to and tackle your top priorities first. You have your guideline list – you have a general idea of what you need to get done. Get to it and allow yourself to harmonize with the chaotic nature of life. When things start to weigh you down, let go, step away, take a moment to breathe, and re-approach life with no expectations, merely goals.

Create Your Zen. Make a place for you. This can be a tool shed in the backyard that you convert into a little meditation retreat, sparsely decorated. You can use this area for the “Just Breathe” practice. We don’t all have a backyard to retreat to, so simply create some space for yourself. Make and keep your room open and free from clutter. Organize your surroundings (even at work, if possible. Keeping your desk and/or cubicle ordered and clean), giving each thing its own place. Having that more open environment can really help you feel more relaxed. Room to breathe, so to speak.

Let It Out. Go back to basics and don’t overload the brain. Meaning, write things down. Don’t rely solely on your memory. Keep reminders going. Do so right when something comes up. Bust out the schedule and write it down. Set-up an e-mail reminder or a phone alert. Keep records of the things you have set in your loose To-Do guide. Also, go back to letting go, write out how you feel. Journal that stuff (privately is my personal recommendation) and give it space to be set free. Don’t bottle things, instead express them and keep your mind free for adjusting and reacting to the fun and crazy experiences you are going to have in life.

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