Jedi Meditation: The Jedi Code

The Jedi Code is the core of our Path; an outline of our foundation and a constant reminder of our responsibilities. Therefore it makes a fitting mantra and meditation for any Jedi.

There are many ways to meditate with the code; as such, you should alter this meditation to suit your style.

Get comfortable and relaxed. Sit or stand with a relaxed but straight spine in a way that will not put strain on your lower back or shoulders. Take a few deep breaths, and shake out the jitters. Feel free to close your eyes if you need the extra focus.

Now go slowly line by line through the code, breathing in on the first half of each line, and out on the second. (Some people prefer to switch the breathing, so do whichever you prefer.)

Breathe in: There is no emotion,

Breathe out: there is peace.

Breathe in: There is no ignorance,

Breathe out: there is knowledge.

Breathe in: There is no passion,

Breathe out: there is serenity.

Breathe in: There is no chaos,

Breathe out: there is harmony.

Breathe in:  There is no death,

Breathe out: there is the Force.

With each breath in, gather up the spoken trait (i.e. emotion, ignorance, passion, chaos, and death), either examples of it in your life or the concept itself, and with each breath out, release it to allow the second trait (peace, knowledge, serenity, harmony, and the force) to rush into its place. Say it silently in your head our aloud between the breaths. Use this meditation as a way to clear out that which you want to leave behind and to nurture that which you want to become, or as an affirmation of your desire to live as a Jedi as the code describes. Do this as many times as you wish (i’d suggest a minimum of three times through the code, but go with your gut). How do your feelings on the elements of the code change as you progress through the meditation? How does the code make you feel? How do you relate to the different aspects of the code?

Let me know what you experienced in the comments, and may the Force be with you.

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