Roots of the Tree: Strengthening the Jedi Community

The Jedi Community has always been an interesting place. Our group is still in its infancy, as the Jedi Path continues to change and shape and grow. But the community itself has not always been kind or welcoming to newcomers, or even veterans. People have been made to feel like outsiders, or not given the compassion, patience, and support they need. But the community remains; why? Because it can be the roots that support our growth, the foundation upon which we build our own training and path. We are “colleagues in the force, closer than any brother and sister”. We are here to support each other.

That being said, “Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training”. We can always improve, and we do that by making the community more welcoming. The following is a workshop originally held at the 2016 Illinois Jedi Federation Gathering. Please feel free to use these materials or host this workshop, with credit to Katie Mock and California Jedi.

Roots of the Tree: Strengthening our Community

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