The Jedi History Videochat Course

“Over 35 years of Inspiration. Over 20 Years of Exploration. Now we relive the journey that brought us here. Our Victories. Our Failures. Our History. This is how the internet helped a group of dreamers become Jedi Knights. This is the story of how we built the Jedi Community. “

Our very own Opie Macleod will be hosting an online course on Jedi History! The History of our community is not only interesting stuff, but invaluable as the source of our training and growth, so don’t miss out! Classes will take place Mondays at 3pm on Google Hangouts, and the link will be updated here every week. During the lecture you will get to explore the old website which has been labelled the first real Jedi Community website. We will talk about how it was created and what impact it had on the community as a whole. There will be a Q & A session at the end. Everyone is welcome to join. You do not have to video connect or even audio connect if you do not want to. You are free just to listen and browse the site as you like. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask.

Or watch the recordings on the Jedi Living Youtube channel!

May 25th: Kharis Nightflyer’s The Jedi Academy on Yavin/The Jedi Praxeum:

June 1st: Jedi Lore by Gedi (Gordon):

June 8th: Jedi of the New Millenium:

June 15th: The Jedi Code, Old and New:

June 22nd: The Force Academy:

June 29th: The Jedi Academy:

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