Meet the Team

Katherine Mock, Chapter Leader 

Katie, also known by her Jedi name Kai-An Tatok, has been walking the Jedi Path for over a decade. After training with Chicago Jedi, she moved back to the West Coast in 2012. Unwilling to leave behind the benefits of practicing with an offline community, Katie founded California Jedi. She has taught at several online academies and now runs and writes for California Jedi. She was knighted most recently in 2016, and is a California Knight. Katie loves constructed languages, good food, and will read anything that sits still long enough. Read Katie’s writings here, or listen to a comedic interview with her here.

11020373_10152625990941962_640641334_nL. Christopher Bird, California Knight

Christopher is the founder of the Jedi Path Academy. He is also the author of Your First Step into a Larger World: An Introduction to Walking the Jedi Path. After training in the Jedi path on his own for a decade, he was knighted in 2017 as a California Knight. In his day-to-day life, he is likely to be dressed in a kilt, or in a Jedi robe. Read Christopher’s work for California Jedi here.


Kevin Trout, California Knight

Usually known as Opie Macleod, Kevin has been in the community since the late nineties, teaching and training. He is the author of Jedi Religion and The Jedi Circle, and runs the site Jedi Living. He has trained at most Jedi sites and academies that have existed, and was knighted most recently in 2016 and is a California Knight, though currently not active in that role. Read Kevin’s work on California Jedi here.


Corey Vaspra is joined California Jedi in 2018, and lives in Northern California. A former professional musician and avid hockey fan, he’s currently training as a padawan, and is a frequent face at our biweekly Jedi Chats as he loves to meet folks in the community and begin a dialog about the path. Read Corey’s writing here.


Roz Johnson joined the Jedi Community in 2012 at Temple of the Jedi Order. Since then, her goal has been to uncover and learn to accept her authentic self and to help the world as much as she is able. She recently obtained her Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling with an Advanced Certificate in Psychiatric Rehabilitation which she uses to help individuals with mental health challenges reach their goals. Roz continues to learn and pass on the path as best as she can, adding to her teaching as she adds to her learning. Read Roz’s writing here.

Dan2Dan Grevious is a professional Jedi. Having been involved in the Jedi community for nearly three years he has been a seeker of knowledge and truth for his entire life. Dan’s career in emergency service has helped him develop his creative thinking skills as well as a healthy, if not irreverent, sense of humor. Dan is always willing to lend a hand to someone in need and regards himself as something between a custodian and a gardener. He is open to questions and endeavors to live his life as an example of proactive positivity for others. You can find his musings in various online forums or contact him directly. In his free time Dan likes to avoid writing bios and talking about himself in the third person. Read Dan’s work here.

Destiny Froste first joined the Jedi community in 1999 and was a member of most Jedi sites at the time (there were a lot). She was one of six Jedi present at the first offline Gathering in 2002, and helped form one of the offline chapters before deciding to take time away from the community at large and studying on her own from 2008-2016. During that time, among many other things, Destiny completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and spent half a year traveling abroad. In her free time, Destiny is a dancer, acrobat, costumer, and aspiring actress. Read articles by Destiny Froste here.

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