Online Courses and Meetups

Online Meetups and Videochat

California Jedi meets online via Google Hangouts at this link every other Thursday at 6:30PM PST for California Jedi Chat. Join our meetup site or ask to join our Facebook group for more details, and come meet fellow Jedi!

We are also participating in a videochat academy run by the wider community, so stay tuned into the California Jedi Facebook page for details on upcoming classes!

Online Courses and Lectures

Feel free to check out the Jedi Living youtube channel, which hosts recordings of past classes, including: May the Internet Be With You, a multi-part series on the history of the Jedi Community, Coffee with a Jedi, a series of interviews done with members of the community, and Ask a Jedi, where Opie answers community questions.

California Jedi is also constantly developing written training materials, meant to be done on your own or with supervision. The following workshops are available below in PDF form.

Guardians of Peace in the Galaxy: Being an Ally as a Jedi

Roots of the Tree: Strengthening our Community

Harnessing Your Empathic Abilities

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