Jedi Meditation: Triangle Breathing

One method of meditation that I find exceedingly difficult is visualization meditation, but I learned a very basic one in my Tai Chi class that really helps me called Triangle Breathing.

Picture a pyramid shaped triangle in your mind’s eye. Now picture a small light (almost like a welding arc) that will slowly travel around the lines of the triangle. 

Starting with the top point of the triangle, picture the light slowly traveling down the right side of it, down to the bottom, while deeply breathing in to the count of 4 or 5 beats (depending on how fast/slow you want to focus your breathing). 

Now picture the light traveling along the bottom flat of the triangle while holding your breath for 4–5. 

Then, picture the light traveling up the left side back up to the top point of the triangle while exhaling, for the same count of 4–5 beats. You can also add a line & make it a square, using the top horizontal line to hold your breath for another 4-5 beats. Do whichever you prefer, it doesn’t matter as long as you are getting the calming effect.

What did you think? Do you also find visualization difficult, or does it help you focus?


  1. Padawan Lenia Hauptia

    Thank you so much. I find visualisation exceedingly easy, though I’m mostly blind. My spiritual eyes seem to help compensate for what I don’t have.

    • That’s so interesting, I’m glad this worked for you! We have quite a few other visualization meditations on the site if you’re interested.

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