People often think the Jedi are…

Emotionless: There is no emotion; there is peace. Jedi are often portrayed as stoic individuals in the movies and books. Because of this, people often think the Jedi have overcome their emotions and thus are untouched by the world. This is both impractical and untrue. Jedi feel emotions like all human beings, but practice emotional well-being, stability, and control, feeling fully, but not allowing that feeling to override our judgment.

Celibate: Jedi of the films are not allowed attachments. In a 2002 interview, George Lucas said that “Jedi Knights aren’t celibate – the thing that is forbidden is attachments – and possessive relationships.”
We are not restricted from sex or romantic relationships. Jedi are fully allowed to be in relationships, have families, and so forth.

A Monastic Order: Because of the fiction many view the Jedi as possession-less individuals like Shaolin Monks. This however isn’t the case. Jedi own homes, cars, etc, but are careful to not become materialistic. Own your stuff, but don’t let it define you.

Passionless: There is no passion; there is serenity. This of course isn’t a literal law of the Jedi. Passion is definitely a requirement to succeed in anything. You have to have the drive, will, want, desire, ambition, to succeed; indeed passion is what will help you on your Jedi Path. However if your passions rule you or become obsessions, you cannot act as a Jedi.

Superheroes/heroines: Jedi are not heroes in the super sense. We are not vigilantes. We do not go out into the night righting wrongs. We do not seek to wield swords in the name of justice. Although there are many Jedi who have chosen careers in the military or law enforcement, this is not a requirement. There is no need for one to don a costume and weed out crime, only to face injustice in your own way when you can.

Bodybuilder/Model: Jedi have a focus on physical well-being. Luke Skywalker was doing handstands and running in the swamps with a Jedi Master on his back. We believe in being cultivating physical fitness, but what being fit means differs from person to person. Jedi can be all ages, able-bodied or not, and all body types and levels of fitness.

A Religious Organization: Although some Jedi include a religious aspect in their path, it is not standard or required. Both those that feel their path is religious and those that do not are welcome here; we are all Jedi.

A Cult: A cult is a organization that requires you to change yourself and your lifestyle in a way that is manipulative, unhealthy, or unsafe.
Jedi is a lifestyle path of self-betterment. All that is required is your desire and pursuit of the Path. Your time and effort will be required to some extent, but these vary per individual. There are no donations, or obedience to some leader. We will never ask you to leave your healthy relationships with friends and family, or move to some scary compound. Being a Jedi is fully a personal choice and the path itself is a big proponent of free will. You construct and define your own Jedi Path. See this article or this one for more information.

Use Lightsabers: Lightsabers are not real, just very cool toys, and they can be very fun to swing around. Lightsaber practice is not a requirement. Some Jedi enjoy the fun side of lightsabers, sharing a cool gaget or incorporating a lightsaber as a practice weapon in their training. But martial arts and lightsaber fighting are not integral or required parts of the Jedi Path.

Have Force Powers: Can we move things with our mind, or shoot lightning from our fingertips? No. Some Jedi practice energy work or visualization, and some Jedi incorporate their religious beliefs and practices into their Path, but force powers as defined by the Star Wars videogames or movies are off the table.

Have any other things you feel might be a misconception? Feel free to ask or add.

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