Real Life Training

The core requirement of being a Jedi is not memorizing the code (although it helps) or owning a lightsaber (fun but unecessary): it is being a Jedi in your everyday life. This means training, helping, acting, and talking like a Jedi every moment, every day. California Jedi is not an online Jedi Academy, but a hub for real-life training. Some training is done online, such as our bi-weekly chapter video hangouts or our new Google Hangouts online classes, but much of it is done offline, organized through our meetup group. Whether it’s meeting and debating with your fellow Jedi through video or voice chat, attending Lightsabers or Meditation in the Park, or even just starting a discussion in the comments here or on the California Jedi Facebook page, strive to be a Jedi in all moments of your life, not just behind the keyboard. As always if you have any questions, feel free to contact the administrators through our contact form. We look forward to training with you!


  1. When can I start training

    • Whenever you like! Why don’t you use the contact form (under contact us in the upper bar) to email me and I can get you started with the basics and you can meet some fellow Jedi!

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