2017 California Gathering Wrap Up

The 2017 California Gathering was this past weekend (August 10th-13th), and it was a roaring success. Up in the mountains near Santa Barbara, nine California Jedi, one Utah Jedi, and three Jedi-adjacent friends and supporters met to train, discuss the path, and make friends. We held workshops on non-attachment, emotional stability, Jedi and disability, handling media requests, and did chair yoga. We reviewed things like group growth and future gatherings, and updated each other on our path and community news. L. Christopher Bird was up for Knighthood this year, and passed unanimously, making him our third California Jedi Knight. Both Roz Johnson and Christ Miller announced their intention to pursue knighthood moving forward.

Special thanks to Bradan Litzinger and especially Aubrey Wantaola: between handling the food, errands, and supporting us, we could not have put on this gathering without you. Thank you!


  1. Kai-An Tatok (Katie Mock)
  2. Opie Macleod (Kevin Trout)
  3. Randy Morgan
  4. L. Christopher Bird
  5. Falon DeArius (Rosalyn Johnson)
  6. Saan Norment
  7. Bradan Litzinger
  8. Aubrey Wantaola
  9. Leigh Virts
  10. Kristin Sims (Reliah)
  11. Chris Miller
  12. Richard Bey
  13. Tony Sawyer (Sage Bromax)


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