Gathering Reflections 2016: Roz Johnson

From April 7th to the 10th, the California Jedi had our first gathering in Three Rivers California; smack dab in the middle of the (very long) state. It took me about 9 hours via greyhound to make it there, but I brought plenty of snacks and reading material. We lodged in an Airbnb (a home that is actually rented out for small vacations), which was nestled right by a calming river.

Several times throughout the gathering I marveled at how our small group (which numbered about three at the time of our first picture in 2014) could expand to eight just two years later. That we would even be hosting a gathering is more than I could’ve hoped for.

The California Jedi have a laid back personality and it showed through in the way that our gathering played out. The schedule was loose and the conversation was free flowing. We had conversations about motivation, leadership, apprenticeships, politics, and different aspects of Jedi living, none of which were actually part of any workshop. But we did have some pretty awesome workshops. I did a workshop on psychological first Aid, Kit led a shamanic journey, Katie did morning Yoga, and Shamus, a visitor from Colorado Jedi, did a workshop on his training which he calls “Humanis Major”. The food was also amazing. My complements to the chef.

I didn’t come to the gathering “looking for something”, but I did form some pretty good bonds with people. I have learned to thrive on human connection. In some ways I have grown to need it. Human connection that I can go out and have coffee with, go out and train with, go out and serve with, is helpful as we apply the lessons the Force shows to us. I was hoping that some well-meaning person would take the reins and create something here in San Diego that I could reap the benefits of, but then I discovered that I am that person. This gathering motivated me to start a small group down here in San Diego, which I have dubbed “California Jedi @ San Diego”. Once I decided I wasn’t going to be afraid anymore, that I was going to go out and create something that I needed, the Force seemed to open up doors, where before I had seen only walls.

For those of you thinking about going to a gathering, stop thinking and start saving and planning. Even if you go once in your life, it’s worth it.

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