Harnessing Your Empathic Abilities

Unlike the fictional Star Wars world, one does not need to be born ‘force sensitive’ to be able to access the force. However there are different levels of baseline ability, and we tend to label those with a high natural level of ability (sometimes high to the point it can be scary and difficult to manage without training) empaths, and everyone else not.

I want to state clearly that this course is for everyone. We all have some amount of innate sensitivity within ourselves and to the people around us, and the type of training Jedi do, or the type of person drawn to the Jedi path tends to only increase that sensitivity, whether it is sensitivity to energy if that is something you believe in, the emotional states of others, or just increasing your natural understanding and empathy of your fellow humans. Words like ‘Empath’ are just labels, and everything in this course will strengthen and expand your path, empath or not, Jedi or not. If strong and healthy boundaries, emotional health, and self-awareness sound like goals you want to pursue, this course is for you.

Videochat courses will likely be held following this course, but please feel free to download the course as a reference, or to use like a workbook for self-study below.

Harnessing Your Empathic Abilities by Kai-An Tatok

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