How the Force Awakened in Us: Part 2

When you look at the diverse and passionate group of Jedi that makes up California Jedi, its easy to think we’ve all been this way for ages. But no one is born a Jedi; we choose it for ourselves through training and drive. So how do you become a Jedi? How do people awaken the force within themselves? Continuing from part one, here are three more stories. Keep an eye out out for more stories in the future!

Saan C. Norment (Jedi Pharaoh Saan) of California Jedi:

saanMy beginning on the Jedi path knowingly started about 10 years ago. I will say it started because my life has always had a lot of anger. Personal family anger, neighborhood anger and anger of certain things going on in the world. And I also felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. I grew up in a Christian baptist church. Christianity did not answer my questions about life and the world situation and it just told me my anger would go away if I just believe. That did not work for me. So I tried converting to Islam. Islam taught me why the world was in the condition it was in, which was helpful but it certain ways it made the anger grow. I began to realize nothing I had been trying was truly working. Nothing was curbing my anger, nothing was making me feel like I was apart of something. Then someone I know one day after a conversation on spirituality and religion made a joke that “since I don’t like religion why don’t I be a Jedi”( he knew how big of a Star Wars fan I am). My response was only if that was real. So one day I searched “Jedi ” on the computer. It led me to a few sites where it stated that there were people who had taken the Jedi code and applied to there life and tried to live by it. So that is what I began to do. I still have the anger but I learned ways to deal with it. The Jedi path has shown me I am a small part in a big whole. I am apart of the planet and every living thing on it. And the planet is a part of the universe. I will forever be learning and I will forever be a helper. As one of many who have accepted the Path, I am part of a large and diverse family meant to make the world better, which is what I have always felt life was created for.

Randy Morgan (California Jedi):

admin-ajaxI found the Jedi path through martial arts. i been a fan of ROTJ but when i joined my dojo it was for tournament fighting. Then my Sensei spoke to me abut KI and Spiritual development. From there we started KI development and learning to feel it. Then I began experimenting with the energy and feeling the Force. Over the years found new ways and kept on my Path. everything leads me back to the Force.

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