The 2016 California Jedi Gathering

The 2016 California Gathering was a great success! Held at a gorgeous riverside house just south of Sequoia National Park on the weekend of April 7th-10th, eight California Jedi, one Colorado Jedi, and three Jedi-adjacent friends and supporters met to train, discuss the path, and make friends. We also held our first in-person official meeting to discuss California Jedi business and confirm the knighthood of Kai-An Tatok and Opie Macleod as Jedi Knights of California Jedi.

Attached below is the schedule and list of attendees. Expect reflections and thoughts from the participants in the next few weeks!

California Jedi Gathering Schedule

  1. Kai-An Tatok (Katie Mock)
  2. Opie Macleod (Kevin Trout)
  3. Randy Morgan
  4. Kamizu (Nicole Wojciechowski)
  5. Adam King (Lykeieos)
  6. L. Christopher Bird
  7. Falon DeArius (Rosalyn Johnson)
  8. Saan Norment
  9. Shamus Flameblade (Shamus Mahon)
  10. Bradan Litzinger
  11. Aubrey Wantaola
  12. Leigh Virts


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