You Can Meditate Anywhere

People often think meditation is something only done at a specific time and place. You need quiet, or soothing music; your surroundings must be beautiful and dim, you must be in the mood, dressed a certain way… The list goes on and on.

But the truth is, you can meditate anywhere, anytime, in any mood, rain or shine. All it takes is a pause, a few deep breaths, and anywhere from 10 seconds to an hour or more to just be and focus inward. Don’t believe me? Here’s some of the most unusual places these Jedi have meditated:

I went down to Sebastopol last year and visited with my good friend whose a Yoga instructor there. I just went to go experience his life with him for a few days. Tried my hand at Hot Yoga (INTENSE. REALLY INTENSE.) and a couple other basic classes, then we hit a self-care center called the ‘Dhyana Center’ ( with a sauna, copper cold plunge baths, massage, all the good stuff.). After, we hit a secret spot on the beach that he frequents. It was absolutely GORGEOUS out there. There was a spot on the beach right where the tide broke with a big tall rock you could climb up, and it had a sort of ledge that leaned out over the water as the tide came in. I sat there and meditated for a solid 20 minutes, and just felt what I thought was the Force just radiating all over me and through me. It literally felt like there were big powerful magnets all around me, it made my hair stand on end and gave me goosebumps. Super cool, exciting meditation experience.

Corey S. Vaspra, California Jedi

A lighthouse – halfway up. It was a very quick meditation but necessary and I got to the top.

Kristin, UT

I’d say my favorite is on the beach when it’s peaceful and the. Oldest was at the Glasgow cathedral years ago.

Lumentis, California Jedi

I don’t know that it’s a “weird” place, but I meditated at New York Comic Con last year in line for a panel. While everybody else was chattering and complaining about the wait, I sat down, crossed my legs and set my meditation timer. It actually ended up being a fairly good meditation session, as I recall. 

Brandon Hughes, Jedi: Empire State

I’ve meditated a lot of places; under the bleachers at school (dark, no one can find or bother me), on the bus or train or even while driving (with my eyes open, promise), cafes with headphones, in my cubicle at work, under unoccupied desks, hidden back aisles at the library, nooks and crannies of buildings that keep me out of sight of people walking by, and in many many bathrooms all over the world. Any place where I can relax and focus and not be disturbed for a few minutes with confidence.

But the coolest place I’ve ever meditated thought was in Muir Woods in Northern California. I (carefully, to not disturb the baby plants) hiked a short ways off the trail and settled in. Even though I knew there were other people in the park, and I was less than 5 minutes from the trail, it was like I had the whole planet to myself. I spent several hours there with the trees, meditating and journalling on the path, letting the boundaries between my self and the universe get blurry.

Katie Mock, California Jedi

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